Pseudobombax ellipticum:

  • Pseudobombax ellipticum
  • Pseudobombax ellipticum
  • Pseudobombax ellipticum

Pseudobombax ellipticum is native to Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala. common names: aka  pochote or pochotl in Spanish ellipticum: amapolo (Mayan), xiloxóchitl (cornsilk flower, Aztecan and current in some parts of Mexico), and cabellos de ángel, or angel hair (Spanish).

The species is winter- to spring-flowering, typically after losing its leaves. 

Revered in ancient Mexico as a divine "tree of life"

the wood of Pseudobombax ellipticum is used as firewood or for carving dishes; the trees for ornamental purposes and as living fences; the toasted seeds as food; and the fine fruit fibres to fill pillows and mattresses or to insulate refrigerators.

This is a fine shade tree as well as a show stopper bloomer suitable for bonsai treatment as well pot culture, often developing a fat gnarled caudex resembling a turtles shell.

Plants will drop their leaves and go dormant in cooler months.

Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included

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