Adenia perrieri:

  • Adenia perrieri
  • Adenia perrieri
  • Adenia perrieri

 Adenia perrieri is a herbaceous climber growing up to 2 metres, occasionally to 3 metres long, arising from a tuberous rootstock (caudex). The rootstock serves as a water reservoir in times of drought, from it starts a short thin woody stem with one or several year green vining-like stems coming out of it with very lace-like deeply divided leaves in the spring.

Adenia perrieri grows in sandy soil and on basalt rocks and Tsingy limestone pinacles in the Ambongo-Boina region. Madagascar. 

 It needs light shade, but the caudex should be in the shade, while the leaves prefer some sun. Avoid direct blasting sun in summer. Bright light if grown indoors.

Water frequently while plant is in full growth, but keep dry during the winter after the branches have died back. It rots easily and does not like a lot of water when leafless.

You can root cuttings in water during the growing season by a bright window.

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