Bursera microphylla seedling:

  • busera microphylla seedling pachycaul tree
  • bursera microphylla specimen bonsai
  • Bursera microphylla seedling
  • Bursera microphylla seedling

 Bursera microphylla is an odd glabrous, pachycaul shrub or low branched tree 2 - 8m tall. It has several contorted trunks up to 30 cm in diameter and reddish branches which are swollen with water-storage tissue and covered with whitish sheets of thin, peeling bark. The stems and the finely divided, shiny green leaves are highly aromatic. It is very decorative in nature, but unluckily slow-growing in cultivation. It may leaf out in any month in response to rain, but stem growth is mainly in summer. The plants are dioecious or mostly so. The flowers, which open in summer, are tiny and inconspicuous. Bursera microphylla is one of our favorite species of this genus most famous for producing “copal” incense. The resin of this species is strongly aromatic and has a lemony pine, astringent fragrance. Native to the Sonoran desert and Baja California, a small relict population can be found in the Anza Borrego desert of San Diego county


Water: Water more frequently in the spring/summer, during it's growing season. 

Sun Exposure: Full sun.

Temperature: Keep above 25°F 

Fertilize: During the spring/summer growing season with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

Pot recommendation: Nuclear Reactor - Plant for sale is pictured in a 4" pot. 


Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included

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  • Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included.