Boophone haemanthoides LARGE:

  • Boophone haemanthoides LARGE
  • Boophone haemanthoides LARGE
  • Boophone haemanthoides LARGE

Boophone haemanthoides is one of the most remarkable members of Amaryllidaceae. The crinkled leaves and large umbel of pink flowers are the main attraction, but the above-ground bulb makes it a particularly choice plant. This is a seed grown plant that's several years old. Grow in full sun to accentuate the tight, crinkled foliage. May go dormant soon.

Water: Water regularly in the winter growing season. October - April. 

Sun Exposure: Full sun. Southern Facing windows, or outside unobstructed. Needs very high light to make the leaves crinkled!

Soil: 80% pumice/20% regular potting mix or Stone Eaters Soil

Temperature: Keep above 40° F.

Fertilize: During the October - April growing season, with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

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