Stenocereus beneckei #1:

  • Stenocereus beneckei #1
  • Stenocereus beneckei #1
  • Stenocereus beneckei #1

This remarkable cactus grows on rocky Mexican hillsides under shelter of trees and shrubs where it gets intense but infrequent rains. Colors can range from grey to green to red on older hard-grown specimens. At the top of Stenocereus beneckei is a snow cap of white powder that acts like a natural sunscreen during the summer.

In winter, brown flower buds form to reveal a cluster of remarkable yellow blooms which are then pollinated by bats, moths, and desert dwelling bees. Due to its preference for semi-shaded locations, Steno beneckei is perfect for the indoor cactus cactus collector. Grown outside, this plant is known to be temperamental in extremes of hot and cold. 

Plant pictured is 36" tall.

Plants are individually boxed and ship bare root, pot/soil not included



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