Lawn Furniture:

We’re designers with a practice that reverberates out from plants. Similar to the way we make fertilizer, soil, and gardening clothes, we also design and make furniture for gardens.
  • Geoponika Bent StandGeoponika Bent Stand

    Geoponika Bent Stand

    Regular price $1,930.00
  • Geoponika Bent TableGeoponika Bent Table

    Geoponika Bent Table

  • Anti-Extraction BeehiveAnti-Extraction Beehive

    Anti-Extraction Beehive

  • Cast Aluminum Plant StandsCast Aluminum Plant Stands

    Cast Aluminum Plant Stands

  • Geoponika Pane TableGeoponika Pane Table

    Geoponika Pane Table

  • Garden ButterflyGarden Butterfly

    Garden Butterfly

  • Wooden PotsWooden Pots

    Wooden Pots