Making gardens is essential to our ecology of practices. For us, gardens aren’t just designs, but actual habitats for homo sapiens. This relationship-centered approach to plants drives everything we do. From tropical and semi-tropical gardens, to xeric and California native spaces. We even curate private botanical greenhouse collections for those with extra-green thumbs.

  • Mayer Desert GardenMayer Desert Garden
  • El Centro GardensEl Centro Gardens
  • 3322 La Cienega Place3322 La Cienega Place
  • 9735 Washington Blvd.9735 Washington Blvd.
  • The Desert Wave HouseThe Desert Wave House
  • 5860 Adams Blvd.5860 Adams Blvd.
  • Bergamot StationBergamot Station
  • The Nursery at Public RecordsThe Nursery at Public Records
  • Thornton LoftsThornton Lofts
  • Mount WashingtonMount Washington

Plant Adoption:

Perhaps more plant adoption agency than a store. Like a friend of ours once said, we don’t own them, they clearly own us.


When we realized there was no great xeric fertilizer on the market, we made our own. When we realized that there was no great cactus soil, we made our own. When we noticed a dearth of books showing xeric plants in their natural settings, we made our own. Etcetera.

Lawn Furniture:

We’re designers with a practice that reverberates out from plants. Similar to the way we make fertilizer, soil, and gardening clothes, we also design and make furniture for gardens.

  • Bent StandBent Stand
  • Bent TableBent Table
  • Anti-Extraction BeehiveAnti-Extraction Beehive
  • Cast Aluminum Plant StandsCast Aluminum Plant Stands
  • Pane TablePane Table
  • Garden ButterflyGarden Butterfly
  • Wooden PotsWooden Pots


Architecture for non-human lifeforms.

  • New York GreenhouseNew York Greenhouse
  • Santa Monica GreenhouseSanta Monica Greenhouse
  • Altadena GreenhouseAltadena Greenhouse


C.S. Canary Islands coming Spring 2024

  • C.S. Los Angeles

  • C.S. NYC

  • C.S. Pots

  • C.S. Studio & Greenhouse