Ariocarpus retusus:

  • Ariocarpus retusus
  • Ariocarpus retusus
  • Ariocarpus retusus
  • Ariocarpus retusus
  • Ariocarpus retusus

*YOU WILL GET THE EXACT PLANT IN PHOTO 1,3* *This plant has never been grafted and has been grown "hard" it has an enormous tap root*


The Huichol call A. retusus Tsuwiri which means "False Peyote". It is said that if you're not properly purified, spirits will lead you to the False Peyote (hence why you have found yourself here drooling over this photo).  

Ariocarpus retusus is extremely slow growing - taking at least 10 years to reach flowering age. The plant pictured is an old lady. 

Ariocarpus retususus commonly known as the "Star Rock" is one of the largest species that distinguishes for the fat triangular tubercles forming a starry rosette. It is a widespread and extremely variable plant. Tubercle size and shape vary widely, a terminal areole is sometimes present at the tip. The vast amount of phenotypic variation in the species has led to the erection of several variants and has received numerous unnecessary names of no botanical value.


Water: Water regularly in the spring/summer growing season.

Sun Exposure: Part shade. Southern or bright western facing windows.

Soil: Stone Eaters Soil

Temperature: Keep above 60°F.

Fertilize: During the Spring - Summer growing season, with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

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