Making gardens is essential to our ecology of practices. For us, gardens aren’t just designs, but actual habitats for homo sapiens. This relationship-centered approach to plants drives everything we do. We specialize in botanical spaces - from tropical and semi-tropical oases to xeric and California native gardens. We even curate private greenhouse collections for those with extra-green thumbs.

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  • Mayer Desert GardenMayer Desert Garden

    Mayer Desert Garden

  • El Centro GardensEl Centro Gardens

    El Centro Gardens

  • 3322 La Cienega Place3322 La Cienega Place

    3322 La Cienega Place

  • 9735 Washington Blvd.9735 Washington Blvd.

    9735 Washington Blvd.

  • The Desert Wave HouseThe Desert Wave House

    The Desert Wave House


    CS NYC

  • 5860 Adams Blvd.5860 Adams Blvd.

    5860 Adams Blvd.

  • Bergamot StationBergamot Station

    Bergamot Station

  • The Nursery at Public RecordsThe Nursery at Public Records

    The Nursery at Public Records

  • Thornton LoftsThornton Lofts

    Thornton Lofts

  • Mount WashingtonMount Washington

    Mount Washington