Adenium socotranum specimen:

  • Adenium socotranum specimen
  • Adenium socotranum specimen

Adenium socotranum is the largest member of the Adenium genus and known for its bizarre appearance. Mature plants growing in the wild typically have an enormous pachycaul trunk, and a few short branches extending from the top of the plant with sparse vegetation.



Dimensions: Plant shown in a 6" pot.

Water: Water regularly when leafing out, usually summer. Slightly decrease when dormant.  

Sun Exposure: Full sun. Southern Facing windows, or outside unobstructed.

Soil: Stone Eaters Soil or Mineral mix or 70% pumice / 30% potting soil. 

Temperature: Don't let temperatures drop below 50° F.

Fertilize: When actively growing with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

DormancyAdenium often lose all their leaves when going dormant.

**Below freezing where you're ordering from? Add a Heat Pack**

**Plant may lose of its leaves during shipping, but will bounce back with strong light & water**

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