Mystery Gnome:

  • Mystery Gnome
  • Mystery Gnome
  • Mystery Gnome
  • Mystery Gnome
  • Mystery Gnome
  • Mystery Gnome

One-of-a-kind stoneware, handmade by Cactus Store at our studio in Los Angeles. Each gnome is different and will randomly be selected for each order. Mystery! 
C.S. mark on each.

Gnomes 101:
Gnomes are subterranean goblin spirits that guard Mama Earth’s inner treasures; the roots of plants, mycorrhizal fungal networks, and the minerals that plants and fungi consume. A rare encounter with these fertility goblins means that your garden is under the wise protection of gnomes, but they are famously elusive. 

How to find a gnome:
Gnomes keep earthworms, frogs, snails, and other creeping critters as pets. If you see a snail chomping on your chard, this means that a gnome is hiding somewhere just out of view. To find the gnome, follow the snail trail! 
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  • All pots are handmade, expect some variation in shape and color. Plants not included.


Stoneware, food safe glaze


5" Width 
8”-11" Height