Haworthia truncata variegated:

  • Haworthia truncata variegated

Haworthia grow in the shade of bushes and occasionally in open areas. They grow underground with only the apex of the leaves rising above the soil surface so that they are difficult to find. This is an excellent protection against herbivores . This very singular plant has contractile roots that will pull the plant into the ground during times of drought, leaving only the windowed tops exposed.


Dimensions: Plant shown in a 3.5" pot.

Water: Water regularly in the winter growing season. October - April. Reduce watering in the spring/summer.

Sun Exposure: Part shade. Southern Facing windows, or outside unobstructed.

Soil: 50% pumice + 50% regular potting mix or Stone Eaters Soil.

Temperature: Keep above 50° F.

Fertilize: During the October - April growing season, with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

**Below freezing where you're ordering from? Add a Heat Pack**

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