Ariocarpus retusus specimen 2:

  • Ariocarpus retusus specimen 2
  • Ariocarpus retusus specimen 2

Never grafted, and much older than its youthful appearance lets on, this seed-grown Ariocarpus retusus will improve any collection. A. retusus are spineless cacti, one of the few, and grow on limestone rocky slopes—often under/next to scrubby desert bushes. They growing exceedingly slowly, so hold this one tight and grow old together.

Water: Water more frequently in the spring and summer, during its growing season. 

Sun Exposure: Some shade to full sun. 

Soil: 60% pumice + 40% regular potting mix or Stone Eaters Soil.

Temperature: Keep above 50°F.

Fertilize: During the spring/summer growing season with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.


**Below freezing where you're ordering from? Add a Heat Pack**

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