C.S. NYC Events **All events are free and open to the public** 5 Essex St. NYC



September 25, 2022: Joey Santore "Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't", 7PM - 9PM
Stories of pain, joy, and redemption from a lifelong botanical purist; all served Chicago-style.
September 29, 2022: Colloboh, 6PM - 8PM
Impressionistic ambient synthesis for the pure of heart.


June 26, 2022: Nuke Watch, 6PM - 8PM
CSNYC Artists in Residence/house band will present two 45-minute sets of their rare and unusual tunes; accompanied by the breeze blowing through the bamboo.
July 2, 2022: Time Wharp "Spiro World", 7PM - 9PM
Experimental musician Time Wharp will debut her forthcoming album "Spiro World" with a full live rendition of the record; introduction by Mike Halsted.
July 10, 2022: Laraaji, 7PM - 9PM
A man whose work needs no introduction, beautiful Laraaji will grace our garden with a two-hour meditative performance spanning his incredible body of work. Not to be missed.
July 31, 2022: Nuke Watch, 6PM - 8PM
The second installment of the Nuke Watch's 2022 residency. For the uninitiated, think Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes but in a bamboo garden on the Lower East Side.
August 6 - 7, 2022: LESCSS Inaugural Show/Sale, 11AM - 7PM
The Lower East Side Cactus and Succulent Society was formed in 2019 in the storage room of Cactus Store NYC. This will be the first club-wide show and sale featuring over a dozen vendors, lectures from Stephen Eichhorn, Eric Oglander, and Travis Mitzel, and a city-wide judged competition.
August 11, 2022: Powered By Wind, 8PM - 9PM
NYC-based video collective Powered by Wind will be screening selections from their catalog of works and premiere two new videos for Sitcom - "Question" and "Answer" - off his upcoming split A-side release on Terrible Records.
August 18, 2022: Blaketheman1000, 8PM - 9PM
A live performance by Blaketheman1000, the self-appointed enfant terrible of the downtown NYC music scene.
August 21, 2022: Nuke Watch, 6PM - 8PM
CSNY 2022 Artists in Residence Nuke Watch return for their monthly installment of fourth world outré jazz with special guest Leonard King.
August 27, 2022: Stephanie Shiu, 7PM - 9PM
Open your chakras and enrich your withered soul with a healing sound assault from artist/producer Stephanie Shiu.
August 28, 2022: Anthony Rodriguez presents "Bananas of the World", 7PM - 9PM
Anthony B. Rodriguez is a renowned photographer, having worked and traveled extensively with botanical explorer Joseph Simcox. Rodriguez will be showing selections of photographs and videos from his vast body of work and discussing his on-going research on the genus Musa.
September 3, 2022: Dan English Acoustic Guitar Orchestra, 6PM - 8PM
Corn-fed baroque pop performed by a Nick Drake lookalike and his cabal of 20+ acoustic guitarists.
September 9, 2022: Andrew Balasia "Laugh Now, Cry Never", 7PM - 9PM
The finest selections of contemporary cinema curated by the Joker of the underground; musical bleatings from Kwami Winfield and C. Spencer Yeh.
September 16, 2022: Paul Dally, 7PM - 9PM
An evening of boot-stomping American electronic pop with a smoky, mesquite twang.
September 18, 2022: Nuke Watch, 6PM - 8PM
CSNY 2022 Artists in Residence Nuke Watch return for their final performance of the season with special guests Chris Farstad and Cole Pulice.