Adenia venenata seedling:

  • Adenia venenata seedling
  • Adenia venenata seedling
  • Adenia venenata seedling

Adenia venenata is a semi-succulent, almost tree-like creeper or climber plant 1-8 m high. It produces a bottle-shaped swollen lower trunk with few to many glabrous glaucous twining branches arising from its top which ascends high into trees. It is one of the most remarkable pachypodous species in the genus. Does well indoors with lots of bright direct or indirect light. Keep above 55 degrees at all times. Water once a week when the plant is in leaf.


Water: Water more frequently in the spring and summer, during it's growing season. 

Sun Exposure: Prefers some shade. If possible, keep the caudex in the shade for better color and to prevent burning. 

Temperature: Keep above 40°F.

Fertilize: During the summer growing season with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

Dormancy: Adenia may go dormant and lose it's leaves in the winter. 


Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included

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