Dioscorea elephantipes x hemicrypta hybrid:

  • Dioscorea Hybrid Caudex Plant
  • dioscorea elephantipes habitat caudex plant
  • dioscorea hemicrypta habitat caudex plant

This is a hybrid between D. elephantipes and D. hemicrypta

Related to the yam, Dioscorea elephantipes is the world’s most special potato. Some extremely old plants in habitat have been recorded reaching up to 7 feet in diameter.  A perfect windowsill plant. Although most dioscorea in cultivation are much smaller, they are no less impressive—shooting off a vine that grows faster than you can water it. 

D. hemicrypta habitat is Huisrivier Canyon; Calitzdorp area, South Africa. Similar to D. elephantipies when young, although D. hemicrypta grows an irregular shaped caudex which can be smooth or rough. It also usually grows most of its caudex above ground. 

Water: Water regularly when in vine. Reduce watering when vine dies and the plant goes dormant. 

Sun Exposure: Prefers some shade. Keep the caudex out of direct sunlight to keep a golden brown color. 

Soil: 1/3rd Pumice, 1/3rd Coco-Chips, 1/3rd Compost. 

Temperature: Keep above 40°F.

Fertilize: When in vine, with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

Dormancy: Dioscorea are opportunistic growers. When grown indoors they can keep their vine for the greater part of the year.


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