Mist Lovers - Rainforest Plants:

  • Mist Lovers - Rainforest Plants
  • Mist Lovers - Rainforest Plants

From the good folks at Straight Books:

A tropical rainforest with many fascinating plants lurking in a camouflage pattern that looks like an artifact, with a mysterious metallic luster. The leaf pattern, texture, and shape are varied, and there are great differences between individuals and regions. It is the emergence of a guidebook that gives you a panoramic view of this new genre world as a plant hobby. The author is a 25-year-old plant hunter, Yusuke Hase, who has been searching for new and unstocked varieties around the world since her school days. In addition to taking pictures of plants in the cultivated environment, it has two chapters that summarize the photos of his own fabric that he has taken, and it is the most voluminous book in this series that covers about 500 photos and 256 pages of full color Finished. Systematically covers a huge number of rainforest plants of more than 40 families, 110 genera, 340 species + 100 types.
A5 size, 256P, full color


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