Muiria hortenseae - 2 plants:

  • Muiria hortenseae - 2 plants
  • Muiria hortenseae - 2 plants
  • Muiria hortenseae - 2 plants

One double-headed plant. One Single plant.  

This charming little dumpling is among the most grand Mesembs. Very closely related to Conophytum, Muiria is a monotypic genus that translates from Latin to “mouse head”. A large fuzzy cluster of Muiria hortenseae breaking through its egg case in the Spring is among the most impressive sights an Aizoaceae enthusiast can behold. While famously hard to grow in cultivation, they cover South Africa’s Succulent Karoo like a fungus. According to our friend Steven Hammer, the secret is to give them a steady supply of water throughout the year.


Water: Water regularly in the fall/winter growing season.

Sun Exposure: Part shade. Southern or bright western facing windows.

Soil: Stone Eaters Soil

Temperature: Keep above 50°F.

Fertilize: During the fall-winter growing season, with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

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