Whitesloanea crassa:

  • Whitesloanea crassa
  • Whitesloanea crassa

This succulent member of the milkweed family from Somalia is famously shrouded in mystery. Only discovered in the wild 3 times, last in 1986, it’s said that this species is either extinct or carefully guarded by the local tribesmen. Once said to be a relative of the similarly cryptic Pseudolithos, this monotypic genus is now aligned with Duvalia and Huernia. Rarely offered, especially at this size and on its own roots. 

Water: Water regularly in the spring/summer growing season.

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to part shade. Southern or bright western facing windows.

Soil: Stone Eaters Soil - or Mineral soil mix only!

Temperature: Keep above 60°F.

Fertilize: During the Spring - Summer growing season, with Super Kabuto Fertilizer.

Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included

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  • Plants ship bare root, pot/soil not included.
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